A new blog! Best to start with an introduction of myself and what this blog is to be about, what sort of musings this artist is going to share. And what sort of artist I am in the first place. I love traditional art, paintings and drawings. I love to learn the skills and the technical side of art. And I think the reason for art is beauty and truth and for love. Which sounds very sentimental because it is. I am a sentimental romantic of a sorts.

My name is Felicity, I live in the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. I was raised in Northland (top of NZ) in the countryside where the land is green, the air is fresh and pure — but now I find myself  in a city, and the air is not so great in here! In Jan 2016 I married my first love and moved down to Christchurch in the south island where he, Caleb, is studying forestry engineering. I’ve never wanted to live in a city, but I am learning to experience more of life, and that there are certain advantages of city living, but I’m still looking forward to getting back outside of it.


When I used to write introductions for myself on old blogs or in letters, I had no trouble describing my life because nothing ever changed in the slow routine of life. But now I am having trouble describing what my life looks like, because now it seams always to be changing. I have no idea where I will be living next year, though it will be in Christchurch still, and the year after that, when Caleb has graduated, we could be anywhere in the country.  At present, we are about to leave Christchurch for the summer. Back to Northland, Yay! I will be with friends and family again, I can’t wait. I am going to do lots of Plein Air painting this summer. Since I wont have a proper studio I will simply use the great out-doors to work in. I will write a post all about that shortly.

Finding open spaces to paint in Christchurch…

Another interesting thing about my life is that I’m going to be a mother in about six months. Now that is something pretty life changing for me. I’ve always wanted to have children, and I have also always wanted to be an artist, and now I am both. Balancing the two is going to be something of a learning curve. I will be writing more about this also; attempting to answer the what, why, and how questions that come up when two huge parts of one’s life seam about to clash head on.

On this blog I wish to write about my journey as an artist, and that journey includes much more than just creating art and being inspired by other artists. It is also about my life as a whole, all the other aspects of my life influence my work so much that this blog would be incomplete without including a glimpse of my personal life.

So you may expect to find posts on here on topics such as how I will balance being Mother with being Artist, how living in new places is affecting my work, how my relationship with my husband influences my art, and how my love of nature, literature, music, and dance, and things beautiful inspire me.

‘Roses from my Love’ oil on canvass SOLD

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