Lots of things get an artist excited! But when it comes to selling work we aren’t excited about it until something happens. The thought of approaching galleries or advertising work is scary and we fear rejection. But if we are accepted, get into the gallery, or sell a piece, we get really excited. I might really be a real artist after all!

A few weeks ago, after a lot of egging on from my Dad, I rang a gallery and was welcomed to take in some work to show them. I chose four large paintings to take it, loaded them up in our dusty little car (gravel roads!), and took them into Masterpiece Gallery in Kerikeri.


The owner happened to have just gone out when I arrived, but the lady working there sat me down and took my details and helped me with pricing the pieces. Then said I would have to wait for Ian’s decision and warned me that they already have too much artwork for the walls in their new gallery space. So I left my work their leaning up against the counter and tried not to be too hopeful.

Not long after I left I got a call from the gallery owner, Ian, who asked if I was still in town, would love to meet me, and my paintings were already on the wall. Now I got excited! When I walked back in two of my paintings were hanging facing the doorway. I chatted to Ian for a bit, a lovely and enthusiastic man who said positive things about my art and seemed hopeful that he could sell it! He likes to price the work in their quite low (from an artist’s point of view) so that work keeps moving and the strategy seems to be working for the gallery is doing well and there is always new work in there to enjoy.


Currently two of my largest hut paintings are in the gallery. Murderer’s Hut and Rock’s Ahead Hut (above). So if you find yourself in the town of Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, be sure to go into the Masterpiece Gallery under the clock tower in the town center and check out my paintings, and all the other brilliant work in there.


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