Just over a year ago I had my very fist solo exhibition. I showed a collection that I had been working on for the last couple years. That was traveling to and tramping to about forty backcountry huts in the North Island of New Zealand. I named the project, The Art of a Hut. 


I did so much work, traveled to so many new places, and wrote a heap about it on my old blog. It is a project finished and wrapped up except I still have so much of the collection of work, all framed so beautifully by my father and hanging like a memorial all over the walls in the spare room of my parents house.


It’s sad for them to be locked up in that tiny room when there must be many people very familiar with a particular hut who would love to own an original drawing of it. So I have been contacting and connecting with tramping lovers through facebook groups, and it has been very nice to receive some lovely comments and inspire some people to draw in the bush themselves.

Since I began the project I have thought of writing a book about my adventures as an artist in the bush, and how I did it while earning no money, and how much I learnt about chasing a dream and making it live. The idea has haunted me! I have written down ideas and versions of drafts for a book, but this year have not worked on it. I felt a little discouraged and wanted a break from the huts to do other things. After all I was just married and living a new life! But the idea has not left me, and recently I became inspired again to write it, if only for myself. So the day after we bought a laptop I started writing and it has begun to pour out onto a blank word document.

I love writing and I am going to write this book for myself and write the kind of book I would like to read myself. Weather I ever publish it or not remains to be seen, but I am going to leave thinking about that for now and write. I won’t be doing it all at once, my main focus is on creating more art, but I want to keep consistently writing it all this coming year. Better watch out or I’ll bite of more than I can chew, already got a baby coming in April to occupy my time!


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