Drawing every Day 2017 !

So yes, I have been doing it. I have drawn something every day this year so far. And it hasn’t been easy what with holidays traveling back from Christmas with Caleb’s family, my best friend’s wedding and no routine at all this year so far. I think I’m the kind of person that likes ordinary days. Days I can be in a routine and work and have clear head space. But life isn’t always like that. And they tell me that having a baby will turn my life even more upside down than it has ever been.

So I guess I have to learn to adapt and work when I have a minute rather than a whole day. Make the most of each hour and get straight into what I have to get done as I wont/don’t have the luxury any more of time to get myself into the right frame of mind. It is true that doing brings inspiration and only rarely dose inspiration happen before action.

Here are my daily drawings for this year. Some of them I am a bit ashamed to be showing online. They were done late at night and feeling pretty tired. But I’ve found as I get into the habit slowly, it is easier to pick up my sketchbook and when I am drawing I always find it relaxing me.

Caleb, my darling husband, decided that he would do the challenge with me! I was quite surprised and warned him that a year is a long time, but he was sure he wanted to do it. He has been wanting to improve his drawing and get more drawing lessons from me for awhile but it is always hard to find time or prioritize drawing together. So this challenge has been a really good way for him to improve. Because even a quick sketch before bed is better than no drawing at all.

Here are the first ten days of the year. Yet to scan my latest drawings, but they will be uploaded to my facebook page soon.