Last week, while I was waiting for a canvas to dry so I could start on a large painting, I pulled out one of my tiny panels and painted my first painting in my new studio. Which is at the desk at the end of the RV we are living in now. I wanted to paint a portrait, which I often want to do but don’t do much because all the faces I have available to me most of the time are photos. I don’t like to use photos as reference most of the time, my ideal is to paint from life all of the time. The subject of photos and art will take a whole post on it’s own, I’ll write that sometime. But I do use photos now and then, they can be very useful tools if used correctly. Though I am still learning what ‘correctly’ means which is why I usually stick to painting from life.

As I said, I wanted to paint a face so I jumped on that inspiration and looked through my reference photos I have taken of friends and family for possible paintings. I decided on a photo of my friend Marion whose face some of you may recognize by now from my work.

I completed the painting in about four hours over two days. Here is a photo of the painting midway through along with my pallet which I had stuck to the drawing board alongside the painting.


I did have some difficulty towards the end of the painting with my brushes. My smallest was all frayed and unpredictable which was frustrating for doing details. Though at the same time I think it was good practice for me to not be so fussy with details and loosen up. I had to repaint details in the eyes so often that I became more confident with the brush and not so scared of loosing something I liked,  I learnt that I could get it back again and that it might look even better done over again. But I’m definitely going to be buying some new brushes soon!



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