Starting of as an artist in rural Northland, New Zealand, I have never had any sort of art community that wasn’t on the internet. In fact it wasn’t until I moved to Christchurch last year that I realized that that was a possibility for me at all. Being an artist is a lonely job, and I like being alone, but we all need inspiration, all need a push and understanding from those doing a similar thing with similar challenges.  I am beginning to meet artist’s in Christchurch and am looking forward to knowing them further.

But in this post I want to share with you all the places I go most regularly to for inspiration on the internet. These are the artists that make my day whenever they post something new on facebook, youtube, or a podcast. Here they are in no particular order.

Podcasts:  Great to listen to while creating!


Suggested Donation Podcast:   This podcast I discovered somehow about a year ago and have almost listened to every podcast twice over now. They are two professional traditional artists in New York. They talk with many of the best classical, representational, realistic, post contemporary, or what you will, artists who are at the top of their game and going further. The talks are unscripted, hilarious, and inspiring. I would recommend anyone at all connected to the arts to listen even if you aren’t a painter.


The Studio:    A podcast hosted by artist Danny Grant in Texas. He interviews a number of really good representational artists and focuses on what life is really like as an artist. He asks what their daily routines look like and how their studio is set up. As well as diving into whatever interesting topic comes up in the conversation. Always inspiring and interesting to listen to.


The Sculptures Funeral:    This is a podcast hosted by a sculpture living in Florence, Italy.  ‘Where all the great artists are dead, and I don’t feel so well myself.’ It is about sculptors and for sculptors but I find it interesting as a painter because he talks a lot about the history of sculpture which is closely linked to painting. He also interviews sculptors that are the best of today.

You Tube:  Inspiring and instructional


Jennifer Marie:   The artist I follow most on YouTube, I watch every single video and am always inspired by her journey. She is an art student enrolled in the Ravenswood Atelier in Chicago. She shares her experience learning traditional drawing and painting skills in regular weekly videos documenting her progress and sharing what she has learned. I am always inspired by her passion and enthusiasm for learning and improving her skills.


Jeff Watts:    Founder of Watts Atelier, he is an inspiring talker, especially when it comes to the subject of training. He is a superb draftsman and the channel is full of inspiring and instructional videos.


Lena Danya:   Very inspiring girl who creates beauty, is passionate about her work and sharing beautiful things. I love to watch her videos about her artistic journey and tours of her studio.


Bobby Chiu:    More for digital artists and those in the gaming/movie/illustration field. But I find many of the interviews and ‘Little plant people’ talks very inspiring. I find the artists in this area are extremely hard working and focused on being at the top of their game because the industry is so competitive and you can’t get away with not being the best as you can in fine art.

The Banishment of Beauty   Interesting talk put together by artist Scott Burdick

Thoughts on art with Michelle Dunaway and Susan Lyon   An inspiring talk between two of  my art heroines.



Art Renewal Centre:   A website of an organization dedicated to reviving realism in art. The site is full of resources and high resolution images of the work of the masters past and present. A map of all the ateliers and traditional art schools over the world, and a whole lot more to explore. I go there when I’m really dry for inspiration and I always find myself inspired again and discover something new.

And for now I will leave it at that. As you know the internet is full of a million things to inspire and instruct, but it dose get a bit overwhelming sometimes. Another time I will list some of my favorite blogs. I leave you with a recent drawing of the things at the end of my bookshelf in a peaceful corner of my childhood room.



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