I recently filmed a video of myself drawing, sped it up and uploaded it to my You Tube Channel. I used to do a few of these videos, but I hadn’t done it for years, so it was fun to get back to doing something creative like that. The filming went okay, but editing the video took twice as long. I don’t have a video editor on my computer so after wasting time on a free video editor I downloaded, I ended up just using the video editor on YouTube.



   For the drawing I did a copy of a painting by Lord Frederic Leighton called ‘Study of a Lady’. Leighton is one of my favorite artists from the 19th century. He painted about the time of the pre-raphaelites, and became president of the Royal Academy in England. I read lots about him last year from the books in the library and really admire him for his intense study of nature and the craft of painting.



  ‘Art is the utterance of our delight in the phenomena of Life and Nature and an endeavour to communicate to others and perpetuate that delight.’

  -Lord Leighton


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